Writers of the Future Workshop

Some of you might have noticed, I’m trying to win the Writers of the Future Contest. I’ve actually won four Honorable Mentions at this point. That means the judges recognize I have ability and want to encourage me to keep working.

They’ve now taken that encouragement a step farther. They launched a FREE workshop. The Writers of the Future Workshop will teach you how to write award-winning material. Do you want to write like Orson Scott Card, or Dave Farland or Tim Powers? They’re your INSTRUCTORS.

Do you have difficulties coming up with interesting concepts? Mr. Card has a class called 1,001 Story Ideas in an Hour and he’s not kidding. Do you hate research? Tim Powers is a master of it and has great suggestions for turning the subject on its head. David Farland, the head judge of the competition, will walk you through how to outline a story so that it fits publishing criteria.

This is a workshop that will take you a minimum of a week to complete. Make no mistake, you would normally pay $500-$1,000 under different circumstances. You will come out of the workshop a better writer if you listen to every module and do the practical exercises. You’ll come out of it with a completed (not necessarily polished) story.

Yup. A minimum of one new story completed. I have several partial stories in addition to the one I completed. They’ll also give you suggestions on how to turn your short stories into novels. It’s what Orson Scott Card did with “Ender’s Game,” so he knows what he’s talking about. It’s not necessary to write Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror to benefit from this workshop. It’s not necessary to write fiction to benefit.

You have nothing to lose and a career to win.


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