Things to Give Us Hope

A friend sent this to me the other day as a link labeled “Something to bring us hope” and it did. This is a wonderful article on the need for paper books and it’s well worth your read. Many thanks, Carolin!

Another item to give you hope and encouragement: you all have heard me speak many times on the Crested Butte Writers Conference and my experience there last year. I learned so much – about writing, but also about myself. Well, I just discovered that Theresa Rizzo, the amazing founder and organizer for the Sandy Writers Competition and the Crested Butte Conference is also not published. Her post this week and this video shows her spirit, beauty and wisdom in the face of all she’s experienced and gave me so much hope and strength, I had to share it. Here’s the video, but I’d have to say her blog on the topic is even more worth the read:
And on in a nonsequitur, I’ve been meaning to share @podtribebooks twitter account with you all. In their own words: PodTribe is a publisher and online retailer of eBooks featuring an exclusive network of authors primarily based in Asia.

How have you been uplifted this week?




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6 Responses to “Things to Give Us Hope”

  1. Rachna Chhabria says:

    Hi Victoria…I helped a writer friend this week, this has surely uplifted my mood.

    How have you been?

  2. Margo Berendsen says:

    Thank you for sharing that article on reading real books and how the web can bring on this feeling: "I find myself with a sense of endless online connection that leaves you oddly disconnected from yourself!"

    I meant to go to watch the video too, but that article seeme to tell me, wait a minute first. Let this sink in a little before you jump right off to the next thing. I might have to share a link to this on my next post, too.

  3. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I've gotten into a better writing routine. And it's helped.

  4. Victoria Dixon says:

    Natalie, I'm trying to get more organized and productive and it does seem to be working. I've at least launched two small projects (not writing-related) and am already well-begun.

    Yeah for helping people, Rachna! I really do love helping people. You're right, it does give you a "lift."

    I think it gives you that lift because you DO become more connected to others and correspondingly less connected to all your own problems. They feel smaller, less consequential. I'm glad you enjoyed the article, Margo. I thought it more powerful than the video, but the video was a nice add-on. ;D

  5. Karen Lange says:

    Thank you, Victoria, for sharing this! I received a rejection this week that knocked me off base for some reason, and I feel like I've been scrambling to get my footing back. It's silly really, it was an article, submitted somewhere I'd been published before, but for some reason it stung like crazy. So this was just what I needed. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Victoria Dixon says:

    I'm so sorry for the rejection, Karen. We all get them (if we're letting anyone read our work!), but you're right, some sting worse than others. I hated it when I'd really thought I stood a chance at a contest and find out I was SO close – but didn't place. I should have been excited I got close, but it just burned to know my s.s. was just not quite good enough. That story still isn't published. Sigh.

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