Need to Travel to Asia?

In light of a comment made here today, I looked up data on receiving funds for writing and researaching in Asia. I found two excellent resources that I wish I’d known about seven or eight years ago! The first is courtesy of Lian Hearn. She mentions it on her blog, which I have a link to in my Favorite Sites Roll. Her site is something anyone interested in Asian literature should check out. The second option is one I just looked into. They have a swift response time. Alas, my current book is finished and I don’t need to return to China for further research on it. I don’t have enough information on my next book to know where in Asia I would need to travel, so here’s hoping someone out there can use this data.

1. Asialink Foundation is in Australia and seems to be made for Australian Artists (whether dance, visual arts, music or literature) to seek residencies in Asia for set periods of time. The deadline for the 2010 residences is September 4th at 5pm and they do not accept faxed or emailed applications, so you’ll have to move fast. For more information, go to

2. Deadline October 31, 2009. Whoever wants to discover Central, Eastern and Southern Europe or China, whoever plans on a publication in German and wants to start for research trips in the East, can apply for funding. The publications should be able to reach a broader audience and help to bring about a greater understanding for the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, and China. Literary prose and essays, photo (text) books, child and youth books, but also scripts for documentaries and sound radio contributions are welcome.One can apply for all-inclusive research grants varying from 2.000 to 10.000 €. From all incoming applications, an independent jury selects several projects for funding. Apart from this monetary funding, the “border crossers” are supported in the public presentation of their work.
BORDER CROSSER GRANTInga Niemann via telephone (+49 30-816996-64) E-mail (

I found the Border Crosser Grant via, which sends out free newsletters chocked full of info for writers. It’s obviously worth your time to sign up!

I do not know if there are other resources out there for doing the sort of expensive research required for this type of literature. If anyone else has a list, please feel free to drop a note on it!

Facebook and Blogging Bans in China

My thanks to Nancy Pistorius for informing me of this situation. I wanted to post this and ask for prayers for China’s peaceful development. This is a copy and paste from an unknown facebook user in China:

“FB was banned because of the riots in Xinjian. There was a lot of Western input beforehand and the consensus here is that the riots were instigated by outside agitators. Dunno about your friend, but I am absolutely lost without FB – I feel as though my connections have been cut. We were told it was a temporary measure until things cooled down and are all hoping this is so. However, blogsites,(including my own) which were banned in May have still not come back on.However, the netizens of China are very vocal about the whole crackdown and internal blogs and chatsites are pulling no punches about what they think in relation to these moves. Intersting times.”

Keep in mind the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”


Okay, I should take anger management courses. I was so ticked at Bloomsbury, I accidentally deleted my blogroll. My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone. Please let me know if your blog is missing. It’s NOT intentional!

Check Out Justine Labalastier’s Anti-Racist Rant

Justine Labalastier is an Australian author of young adult, middle grade and adult fantasy. She’s also a delightful person I had the pleasure of meeting in 2008.

I just finished reading her blog for today and I’m pissed. I find the U.S. publishing market’s assumptions (as stated in her blog) both exasperating and nauseating. You know what folks, we have umpteen different cultures on this planet. Get over it! It’s time we value each other for who we are instead of highlighting some as minorities or as something other than white. Regardless of skin color, we all have the capacity to read and think and make purchases based on what we think. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll buy a copy of Justine’s latest, called “Liar” – from Australia.

Win An Agent Critique!

Thanks to Jeannie Lin for posting this. I thought I’d follow suit.

Submit the tagline, title, and first ten lines of your manuscript, and you could win one of two critiques of your partial + synopsis from Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency!
The contest is divided into three phases and runs from July 23 to August 10.
Refer a friend, and you could win a box of spa/author goodies!
For more information, visit Dawn Halliday’s website. The link is in this post’s title.