We Apologize For the Inconvenience

Sorry, folks, no blog today, I’m busy fighting Ninja. However, I will have a review of an outstanding boy’s book on Wednesday, so please stay tuned, true believers! 😀

Blogging from a smart phone

Is not fun, so I’ll ask you what are you’re most frustrating writing or blogging moments?

Rewrite Anguish

Okay, so I’ve rewritten this book so many times I’ve lost track of draft numbers. The opening alone has been through more work than anything else I’ve written and I’m now on yet another rewrite.

In fact, the new opening is why I recently had asked yet another Beta Reader to look at it. She’s someone whose book is under consideration by a publishing house and she told that one of my book’s favorite characters is introduced wrong. Just so we’re clear, this is one of EVERYONE ELSE’s favorite characters. (I don’t know if I have a favorite.) This Beta reader has told me that not having his goal stated up front leaves the reader confused and unable to settle into the fictive dream. This is the first time anyone’s complained about this character’s lack of goal, which is his character flaw. It is purposeful. This character is someone who submits to everyone else’s will until he realizes he’s in a no-win scenario because of his lack of direction. It’s not that I disagree with what she’s saying, because I’ve read books whose characters would have benefited from this treatment. The problem is, I don’t think I can make this change without changing the character, which would in turn change the book and lessen its impact, so I’m not going to do it. At least not without editorial input!
However, I wanted to ask you, is this something you have to have in the introduction of characters? Do you need to know where they’re headed from the beginning?

Due to Technical Difficulties…

This blog will be quiet on Monday. 🙁 My computer is buggy in every sense and it shall now be overhauled and happily, meet Windows Seven. I hope to be up and running again by Wednesday.

Grateful For So Much

I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which are my followers. To all of you, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, may you have a wonderful, family-blessed day.